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Blacktail Enterprises and Rain Forest Sawmill's glossary of lumber terms

BF does not always mean “best friend.” In the wood world, it stands for “board foot,” which is a specialized unit of measurement used to calculate lumber volume in the USA and Canada. It is based on a board that is one foot long, one foot wide and one inch thick. For those of you who are used to metric measurements this is equivalent to 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 2.54 cm or or 2360 cm3.

Board foot - See BF above.

Boxed heart is sawn timber that encloses the heart of a log within its faces.

Dunnage is inexpensive or waste material used to protect and load lumber during transportation.

Edge grain, also known as quarter sawn, is sawn from quartered logs so that the annual rings are nearly at right angles to the wide face. The grain will basically be straight lines running parallel to the length of the lumber

Flat grain, also known as plain sawn, is sawn roughly parallel to the bark and growth rings. The appearance of the grain is concentric loops and swirls.

Free-of-heart centre (FOHC) is lumber that does not include the pith, or first year's growth of the log. Timbers cut FOHC are much less likely to split open as they dry.

A Kerf is the width of a groove made while cutting.

A Lift is a stack of lumber that can be carried by a fork lift.

Plain sawn, see Flat grain.

Quarter grain, see Edge grain.

Sapwood represents the last several years' growth of a tree, just inside the bark. Because sapwood contains more moisture and nutrients, it is prone to growing fungus and therefore staining or rotting much faster than the rest of the log.

A Sticker is a small board or square-edged stick used to to separate pieces of lumber that are stacked on top of each other. It helps air to flow between these pieces of lumber as they dry.

Our guarantee: All wood cut is guaranteed to be of the specified grade or better at the time of cutting (and kiln drying if applicable). Blacktail Enterprises and Rain Forest Sawmill take no responsibility for subsequent downgrade due to storage, drying, customer handling, etc.

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