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Now operating as Rain Forest Sawmill, our most common products are heavy timbers, siding, decking, interior and exterior trim and fencing, but we also produce door and window stock, furniture stock, mantles, garden bed frames and framing lumber.

We can also provide you with firewood, and sawdust for animal bedding or garden beds.

Furthermore, we offer custom drying and resawing services.

siding cabinets panelling

Upon request, we can grade lumber according to building inspection requirements.

Most of our work is with Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. We also work with Whitewoods, such as Hemlock, Balsam and Spruce, as well as Western White Pine. Our Hardwoods include Alder and Maple. We can also offer Yellow Cedar.

Western Red Cedar Douglas Fir Yellow Cedar

We are always happy to mill your own logs for you. This can vary from a piece of your old fruit tree brought in your car trunk, up to multiple logging-truckloads.

logging truck logging truck

You should contact the BC Ministry of Forests before transporting logs, however. Check our Links page for their website as well as the guidelines and application form for a timbermark, which serves as a transport permit. Their service is free but can take a week or two.

timbermark timbermark
Our guarantee: All wood cut is guaranteed to be of the specified grade or better at the time of cutting (and kiln drying if applicable). Blacktail Enterprises and Rain Forest Sawmill take no responsibility for subsequent downgrade due to storage, drying, customer handling, etc.

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