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Blacktail Enterprises and Rain Forest Sawmill's tips for lumber orders

It always helps us to know what your lumber is going to be used for. We don't need a detailed history of your renovation project, but just knowing what job the lumber is going to do will help us make decisions about what is important when we grade it. For instance, will you be applying a solid stain? Will all corners be seen?

Also, if you need 3-foot-long pieces, please ask us for 3-foot increments instead of 12 footers. We may be able to give you a better price or better quality that way.

Is it important to you whether you get old growth wood instead of second growth? If you are not sure of the difference, please have a look at our Photo Gallery page.

We usually request a deposit of between 30 and 50% of the order value on specialty items that we don't have in stock. We can receive payment via internet bank transfers, but most sales are on a cash or cheque basis.

Our guarantee: All wood cut is guaranteed to be of the specified grade or better at the time of cutting (and kiln drying if applicable). Blacktail Enterprises and Rain Forest Sawmill take no responsibility for subsequent downgrade due to storage, drying, customer handling, etc.

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